Bali: Elizabeth was right

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A cool breeze rushed in caressing my naked back as I laid on the massage bed. It send the two strips of sheer linen that separated me from 180 degree view of the sea, flapping about. Warm hands soaked with jasmine oil worked their way up my back. Face down, I was beaming trying so hard to stop smiling. Eventually I completely surrendered to the wonderful warmth and pressure of Suni’s hands. The vision of the white lotus flower floating in the water bowl right below me dimmed as I closed my eyes to be present. Warm hands. Delicious pressure. Sweet jasmine. And the cool breeze from the Java Sea. Bali! Elizabeth was right. It really is the best place to confirm a rebirth.

This was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever taken. It came after a trying year where I moved to the desert to try heal from the devastating loss of my mother. The time out in the desert worked. It was time to get back to my life. Bali became the perfert place to reset and refuel for the new phase of my life.

Where to stay when looking for tranquility?

Anywhere near the Kuta is probably not a good idea. The traffic is maddening. If you really want to unplug, and if your don’t want to be bumping into an Australian in Bintang Pilsner tank-tops every ten metres, then you’re better of searching for something further away from Kuta and Denpasar. I chose a private villa on the north side of the island, a district called Tejakula. Here you will find coastal villages and resorts.

Infinity pool view at the Agung Bali Nirwana Private Luxury Villas & Spa in Bali

Our lodgings were at Agung Bali Nirwana Private Luxury Villas & Spa. Hosting only three suites that each can sleep six people; it is guaranteed to remain quite and tranquil. We shared it with a wonderful family of five on holiday from the UAE where they work. And they treated us to a full pig spit roast on Chrismas day.

What’s there to do in Tejakula

We soaked in the cultural and religious influences of the region with trips to the closest temples. One was a Hindu Temple the other a Bhuddist. Snorkelling and dolphin spotting at Lovina Beach should be at the top of to-do-list of anyone is the region. The rest of the days we hunted for waterfalls. Aling-Aling was the most spectacular. A  waterfall complex consisting of 7 secret waterfalls located in Sambangan Village. They can be so addictive in the hot weather. And of course no trip is complete without getting into a giant bird’s nest in Ubud for a photo op.

The Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist Monastery in Bali

Eat! All that you want, and as much as you want. After all, that was Elizabeth’s first rule.

Sari Mountain View was the idilic spot for a lovely breakfast on the way to Ubud. It overlooks amongst other mountains, Mount Agung, an active volcano that erupted as recent as 2018. You will find that the food is fresh and heathly. In some cases maybe too healthy. We went to a healthy food restuarant in Denpesar the day before we left. They were searving iced green tea. After one sip we courteasly left, went to the Starbucks for some fruppacinnos , and returned to eat our food but drinking the neighbours’ sugar filled drinks.

A little shopping never hurt nobody

The daily walks to the village market were fun. The real action was earluer in the morning around 5am. Before the sunrise, that’s when the market was buzzing with trade. We wend to Ubud for a day trip for more shopping options. The drive was splendid throught the country side with active riceflied plantations and past Mount Agung.

Ubud itself was very busy, and expensive. The merge of the old and the new was however mesmeriszing. For a simingly reserved country there were some perculiar items popular at the market.

Do go chasing waterfalls

Bali has so many waterfalls. We went to as many as we could. They were aour downtime. If not the pool, then a waterfall.

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