Cape of Good Hope

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I stood on the edge of the most Southern tip of Africa with a cool breeze on my face, the most delicious air I have ever tasted and I had to ask:”with all man’s genius and the technology advances, why hasn’t anyone attempted to recreate this. Some special air conditioner, something!” It was clean and fresh, and felt like I had been revived and given two years of my life back.

Two oceans meet at Cape Point. It is said that on clear days you can see a line created where the cold Atlantic Ocean meets warm Indian Ocean. I went on a clear enough day, some of these things are like imaginary lines and you have to be squinting for some vanishing point, I’m no art student so I didn’t feel like the exercise especially when such a spectacular view lay before me.

Cape of Good Hope has a national park, the Table Mountain National Park. It has spectacular flora, but the fauna leaves a lot to be desired especially when you’ve been North of South Africa. It features a wide variety species of antelope, and various moose species and a couple other animals.

If you want to sleep over, lots of tented camping sites are available. This is ideal for nature lovers as it presents the opportunity to enjoy hiking, climbing, bird-watching, or just swimming in pristine beaches.

Cape Town has a lot to offer, and I suggested Cape Point be near the top of your itinerary.

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